Ofer Cohen is the host of HeyBK. He came up with the idea for the podcast after spending 15 years living in, and being steeped in, Brooklyn’s culture and its real estate market.

As the founder of commercial real estate firm TerraCRG (“Only Brooklyn.®”), he has had hard-won front row seats to the Brooklyn transformation over the past decade. Brooklyn continues to fascinate him, not only for the transactions, buildings, and neighborhoods that are being developed here, but, even more importantly, because of the people who are the soul and vision behind them all.

As befits an inveterate, well-connected Brooklynite and business person, Ofer’s podcast consists of his on-point, off-book conversations with the entrepreneurs, executives and community leaders who have created the Brooklyn we know today.

Ofer’s focus on Brooklyn extends beyond business and into philanthropy and civic service. He is the Board Chair of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Brooklyn Navy Yard and The Brooklyn Hospital Foundation. He is also the Co-Chair of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce’s Real Estate Committee. Additionally, TerraCRG actively supports many other local and national causes and Brooklyn-based non-profit organizations.

Prior to moving to Brooklyn, Ofer was involved with several tech and media ventures and remains involved in various startups as an adviser and angel investor. He lives in Clinton Hill and enjoys spending quality time with his family and loved ones. These days, it includes thrift-store shopping with his teenage twin daughters, reinventing the concept of barbecue in his new backyard smoker, and traveling to places where English is everyone’s second language. He also enjoys checking out new workout regimes, and is currently beyond obsessed with his Peleton.