Hey BK

Hey BK – The Brooklyn Podcast with Ofer Cohen is the show that let’s you get to know the people behind the Brooklyn transformation. Ofer Cohen, Founder and CEO of TerraCRG, has conversations with guests about their vision and love for what they do – all with the backdrop of Brooklyn’s rise to greatness.

Over the past decade, Brooklyn has transformed not only by its skyline, but also its world-wide reputation. Through that time, Ofer became a market leader in Brooklyn commercial real estate knowledge and advisory, as well as a thought leader in the Brooklyn business community. The partnerships and friendships he has made along the way, inspired the idea for the Hey BK podcast. The stories of the people who have made Brooklyn what it is today, are just as exciting, intriguing, and motivating as the borough itself.

(Produced by Jenny Falcon and Antonina Agrusa)