S2 | Episode 2 | Dave Maundrell

dave maundrell.png

Born and bred Brooklynite, Dave Maundrell, chats with Ofer Cohen about growing up in Williamsburg and witnessing, first-hand, the changes throughout Brooklyn over the last two decades. Dave has great respect for the history of the neighborhood. He's watched it evolve from its industrial and gang-ridden past in the 70s and 80s, to an artist driven hub in the 90’s, and to what is now a vibrant artful, family-oriented and high-end residential haven. In 2002, Dave founded aptsandlofts.com, a successful online platform that was meant to compete with shady brokers on the market. Since selling the company in 2015, Dave has been heading up New Developments for Brooklyn and Queens at Citi Habitats.